Vigneron Salt, 500g (France)

Vigneron Salt, 500g (France)

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At the beginning of the 20th century, wine from Bordeaux was transported all over the world. The ships that transported the wine also transported salt. Legend has it that one ship was caught in a storm and a few barrels of red wine cracked open. The wine spilt out onto the deck and was soaked up by neighbouring bags of salt. A few food buffs decided to turn this accident to their advantage and began to trade this wonderful mix. This is how this unique salt with red wine came about.

Today, this Vigneron salt is made by local craftsmen. Its sweet and delicate notes are perfect with vegetable mash, pot-au-feu stew or cream sauces. Delicious with a rib of beef, scallops, game, or a simple summer salad.