About Strega Provisions

Strega Provisions provides specialty ingredients to restaurants and home chefs across New York City with wholesale and retail products. The company began from the founder’s passion for discovering where products are from and learning about each ingredient’s farming techniques and origins. Strega Provisions works directly with local, regional and international farmers to bring all chefs the very best ingredients. 

Our team heavily researches the products we offer from where and how each item grows to its unique history and how each ingredient is naturally farmed. We believe that having a deep understanding of an item’s source is key to finding products that taste simply amazing.

Our founder, Estelle Barth

Strega founder Estelle Barth

Estelle began her culinary journey after moving to the United States from France to study architecture. She was immediately drawn to the restaurant industry where she began as a server and slowly moved toward cooking and eventually the procurement of specialty ingredients.

Her passion for fresh, tasty products and encounters with local farmers are two of the main reasons why she began Strega Provisions. Now, her team gets to work directly with local, regional and international farmers and gatherers to supply all types of specialty ingredients to fantastic chefs in New York City. If you speak with Estelle, she will talk all day about her love for the natural colors of tomatoes, the smell of the earth in black winter truffles, the subtle aromas tasted in each olive oil and a chef’s discovery of new flavors after combining specialty ingredients and revisiting classic recipes. Basically, she loves everything that great food allows you to experience and is so glad to provide you with the ingredients that make that experience possible.

Commitment to Traceability

Traceability of all ingredients we carry is one of our founding principles. From trufflesspices, and fresh produce to specialty oils and other pantry items, we remain committed to knowing the source of each product. Our team has toured multiple farms across Europe to fully understand the process of creating many of these fine ingredients.
Each ingredient from the Earth is a gift and we love being able to bring these gifts to your table.