Strega founder Estelle Barth

Strega founder Estelle Barth

Strega Provisions is offering home deliveries of local produce and other specialty items. We are a NYC based company who was specialized in sourcing the finest produce for chefs before COVID19. The company began from the passion and interest in discovering where products are from and their farming origins. Chefs seeking specific vegetables or produce want the best. Strega has strived to research for them not only the finest sources, but also how and where they grow, the history, and how it is farmed in the most natural way. We believe this is the key to products tasting their absolute best. Learn more about our farms!

From truffles, mushrooms, carrots, radishes, and lettuces to fruits and all vegetable items, we have also found peppercorns, berries and various oils and spices directly at their source. Traceability of all items we carry is of utmost importance. Our newest find is a phenomenal maple syrup from historical sites in the Quebec region. We hope you enjoy the taste and the nature of some products the Earth offers us as much as we love bringing them to your table!

Strega in Daniel Restaurant, NYC