We are proud to partner with local and regional farms to ensure our customers get fresh, local produce as the seasons and market conditions allow. We also partner with restaurants, schools and businesses who promote sustainability and are committed to supporting local farmers and growers.

Brooklyn Grange
Brooklyn Grange farms rooftops, builds green spaces, and promotes sustainable living and local ecology through food, education, and events. They believe that social enterprise is a powerful driver of positive change, and that businesses should be a nourishing part of their community. Shop Brooklyn Grange produce!
West Coast Wild Foods
West Coast Wild Foods is a partnership formed between Austin Glenn and Jeremy Budd over their love of the outdoors and wild foods. The company is the result of a lifetime spent in the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest exploring and learning about the wonderful wild mushrooms and other wild foods that our beautiful landscape has to offer. From their roots as wild mushroom harvesters, beginning as teenagers, to their foundation in the wild mushroom industry working in the field as buying agents, they have grown into the premier wild mushroom company in North America. Shop West Coast Wild Foods mushrooms and truffles!
Norwich Meadows Farm
Norwich Meadows Farm produces what they believe is good for their families and thus would be good for yours. They produce food that is free of harsh chemicals and is grown using natural fertilizers. They strongly believe that food should nourish and not cause any harm to our bodies or the environment. Shop Norwich Meadows Farm produce!
NY Shuk Harissa
New York Shuk is an artisanal food company focusing on Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cuisines. As two Israeli-natives, living and cooking in New York City, Ron & Leetal's mission is to elevate and share the vibrant traditional foods they grew up eating. Their line of handcrafted pantry staples gives YOU the tools you need to bring true Middle Eastern flavor to your kitchen. Shop New York Shuk produce!
PA Souliere Maple syrup
“I had the privilege to grow up in the World Maple Syrup Capital and my family produced maple syrup for generations. I’ve always been exposed to the highest standards of quality and my career as a Sommelier brought me to travel and work in multiple countries just to realize that the finest quality wasn’t available. In 2019, this situation pushed me to create P-A SOULIERE SELECTION LTD. giving a voice to smaller producers. Remember, it takes up to 40 liters of maple sap to produce 1 liter of Maple Syrup and it is our role to share the love we have for our region and the craft we have been perfecting for decades. Purity, Tradition, Savoir Faire." - Pier-Alexis Soulière, MS. Shop PA Souliere Maple Syrup!
Other Sustainable Farms We Are Connected With:
Maple Meadow Farm
Little Leaf Farms
Frog Hollow Farm
Pete’s Greens
Champlain Orchards
Ground Up Grain
Jericho Settlers farm
Balakian Farms

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