Salish Salt (USA), 1kg

Salish Salt (USA), 1kg

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All fire and flame, its irresistible smell reminiscent of a chimney fire gives character to meats and omelettes, while arousing nostalgic memories of long winter evenings next to the fire. Simply sprinkle at the last minute.

100% natural, without preservatives or chemical additives, Salish salt is harvested from evaporation ponds before being smoked with natural red alder wood. For cooking, this fine salt mixed with softened butter makes a very nice condiment for boiled potatoes, roasted mozzarella bruschetta, and grilled fish.

The term “Salish” refers to the original language of a number of First Nations on the Pacific Coast of North America. Over time, it became the name of their territories, which include the Canadian province of British Columbia and the northern parts of the US states of Montana and Idaho. Today the Salish territory of the “First Nations” is limited to small, dispersed reservations that still fight for their autonomy.