Fleur de Sel from Ile de Ré (France), 1kg

Fleur de Sel from Ile de Ré (France), 1kg

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It will enchant all your daily dishes! It is slightly pink and has a gentle violet-like scent and its texture is almost like snow.

A jewel of the French coastline, Isle de Rhé was originally 4 islands which over time came to form a single island. It owes its fame to salt production. The first salty marshes appeared on the Isle of Rhé in the 13th century. Salt production totaled 3.7 acres in the 19th century representing slightly more than 15% of the island. 

Fleur de sel benefits from the expertise of the salt farmers and an ideal coastal climate with lots of sun and wind. A thin crust of white crystals forms on the surface of the salt ponds when the water evaporates due to the sun and the sea breeze. Fleur de Sel is the surface layer which is collected.