Pink Salt with truffles, 500g (France)

Pink Salt with truffles, 500g (France)

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The warm and delicate aromas of summer truffles together with the elegance of the pink diamond salt will enchant every food buffs in search of new culinary experiences! This duo of fine Himalayan salt crystals and summer truffles makes a wondrous change to your traditional table salt. A delicate and elegant touch for all your daily dishes !
This mix will turn a simple vegetable soup into an enchanting dish. Enhances poultry dishes served with cream and mushroom sauce. Perfect with a chicory or tomato salad. Ideal with duck breast or pan-fried foie gras. A few pinches is enough to transform a simple omelette, a stew or mashed vegetables. 

The pure and precious salt crystals used in this mix are collected by hand from the salt mines of Khewra, at the heart of the Himalayas. This salt is not quite as salty as fleur de sel and is slightly drier. This fossilized sea salt is also known as “rock salt” or “salt of the earth”.

Best used at the end of the cooking process to maintain the aromas of the truffles to the fullest.