NY SHUK Preserved lemons Harissa (Brooklyn), 255g jar

NY SHUK Preserved lemons Harissa (Brooklyn), 255g jar

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Signature Harissa recipe with added preserved, locally-sourced lemons is giving it a distinctly tangy twist. This recipe has also amped up the garlic and added toasted, ground caraway seeds for a delicious nod to Tunisian cuisine. Gentle in heat, but big on flavor, NY Shuck Preserved Lemon Harissa is your secret ingredient to add richness and depth to so many of your favorite dishes.
Use Preserved Lemon Harissa for:
COOKING: stir into soups, stews & sauces
FLAVORING: spread on burgers and sandwiches & fold into dips
SEASONING: sprinkle on salads, eggs & vegetables
*A tasty alternative to ketchup, sriracha, salsa etc